TopConf Linz 2017

I had the opportunity to go to the TopConf Linz in order to talk about Clojure Web Applications (one of my all-time favorite topics.) It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed meeting some new people and having interesting discussions. It might have been nice if there were more girls there, but I’m used to that particular problem…

Of course, I also took the opportunity to sketchnote as much as possible. It was a four-track conference, which I didn’t like that much since I had to miss a lot of interesting talks. So here they are. :)

‘Load Shedding and Traffic Management’ from Lukáš Ježek

Load Shedding and Traffic Management

‘CSS Grid: A talk of Hypnotoad and ALL THE GLORY TO THE NEW CSS LAYOUT’ from Phil Reither

Joy’s Note: I officially fell in love with Flexbox during this talk

CSS Grid: A talk of Hypnotoad and ALL THE GLORY TO THE NEW CSS LAYOUT

‘Rust for serious developers’ from Armin Ronacher

Rust for serious developers

‘The Day After Tomorrow’ from Nicole Rauch and Michael Sperber

Joy’s Note: I thought it was really interesting to see an Idris talk and actually got me thinking about formal methods (which was my focus during my studies) and how Idris (or a language like it) might actually make it easier to practically develop safety critical systems.

The Day After Tomorrow

‘A Story about Hamburger, Modals, and Carrousels’ from Klemens Schreiber

A Story about Hamburger, Modals, and Carrousels

‘UX Reports from the Trenches’ from Klaus Enzenhofer

UX Reports from the Trenches

‘30 Months of Microservices’ from Sander Hoogendoorn

30 Months of Microservices

‘Value over Projects’ from Allan Kelley

Value over Projects

‘Microservices without Servers’ from James Thomas

Microservices without Servers

‘I just Hacked Your App’ from Marcos Placona

I just Hacked Your App

‘Secret Management in Vault’ from Moritz Heiber

Secret Management in Vault

‘Motivating Developers with Purposeful Work’ from Markus Tacker

Motivating Developers with Purposeful Work

I’ve tried to mention twitter handles within the sketchnotes, and if you are interested in more information about the speakers, then you can find it on the TopConf Website. Attribution is important!