innoQ Open Space Event

We had our first internally moderated innoQ Open Space Event in Köln. I helped with the moderation during the event, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I did wish I could participate more in the Event itself, so in the future we’ll have to see how that works out.

One of the jobs that I gave myself was to bother my awesome colleagues and get them to give some of their talks that they have been presenting at different conferences everywhere. I was therefore able to listen to three great talks from colleagues, and also sketchnoted a session about sketchnoting. It was my first time sketchnoting on flip charts (and I really like doing it!)

So, without further ado, here are the sketchnotes!

‘The Hidden Nature of Data’ from Martin Kühl

The Hidden Nature of Data

‘Vault’ from Simon Kölsch


‘Don’t fear the Implicits’ from Daniel Westheide

Don't fear the Implicits

‘Sketchnoting’ from me ;) :)


Attribution is important! I’ve listed the name and twitter handle of my colleagues in all of the Sketchnotes, so if you like their content, check out more of their work!