innoQ Event in Düsseldorf

I do love our innoQ events! This event in Düsseldorf was more of a ‘talk’ event where lots of colleagues gave a lot of interesting events. We also had quite a few workshops in the afternoon, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

The steak dinner was also excellent. :D

‘Design Basics’ from Sonja Heinen

Design Basics

‘Software Project Survival Guide’ from Phillip Ghadir

Software Project Survival Guide

‘Den Gorilla kitzeln: End-To-End-Cyber’ from Simon Kölsch

Den Gorilla kitzeln: End-To-End-Cyber

‘Organisationen ohne Manager’ from Jörg Müller

Organisationen ohne Manager

‘Serverlose IoT-Applikationen’ from Niko Will

Serverlose IoT-Applikationen

‘Vorstellung & Diskussion einer “Gedanken-App” Idee’ from Torsten Mandry

Vorstellung & Diskussion einer "Gedanken-App" Idee

Lightning Talks! From Thorsten Kleinherz, Sascha Brose, Dennis Stachowicz, Martin Petras, and Thilo Schnelle

Lightning Talks