Jepsen Workshop with Kyle Kingsbury

This week we had a great Jepsen workshop with Kyle Kingsbury. I really enjoyed my time and I learned a lot about Jepsen, how to test distributed key/value stores, and cats. :)

The workshop started out by covering the basics of Clojure. I didn’t learn that much about Clojure itself (since I am already familiar with the basics), but I did learn a bit about how to explain Clojure. Kyle managed to not say the ‘macro’ word for a long time!

We then learned about the fundamentals of Jepsen. We spent the afternoon interactively going through the Jepsen tutorial for writing a test with help from Kyle. It was definitely an interesting experience. I also enjoyed hearing my colleages say “now I understand more why people love Clojure”. :D

Jepsen Jepsen Jepsen Jepsen Jepsen Jepsen